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ü Upstream E&P: geophysical equipment, logging equipment, oil pipe, oilfield chemicals, oil field engineering and technical services, rig, mud pump, manifold, BOP, cementing, acidification equipment, fracturing equipment, workover products, oil mining gas equipment, drills, drilling tools, test mining tools, power equipment, multi-phase flow meter, offshore drilling rigs, offshore platforms, marine steel modules, subsea wellhead equipment, wire rope rigging and hoisting, anchor, offshore steel / steel grating,ocean platform crane.

ü Downstream, Refining And Petrochemical: pressure vessels, reaction equipment, tower,heat exchangers, flue gas composition machine, pumps, compressors, refrigeration, air-conditioning equipment, boilers and accessories, steam turbine, gas turbine,engine, filtration equipment.

ü Midstream, Pipeline Storage: gas separation and liquefaction equipment, cryogenic equipment, valves and actuators, sealing materials, flowmeter and Blind, steel, steel, stainless steel, fiberglass and flexible composite pipe, pipe fittings, flanges and fittings,engineering machinery, instrumentation,welding cables, electrical power, communication equipment, gas detectors, safety/health,oil spill response equipment, explosion proof motors and electrical equipment, corrosion insulation material, transport equipment,gas station equipment, environmental equipment.

ü Third-party services: industry organizations, associations, E-commerce, project Logistics, testing and certification,banking,legal,insurance, financial leasing, import and export, consulting, certification, and other agents.

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